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The composer's, Susan Mashiyama's foreword to her Youtube link (photos by rabl-fineartphotography.com):

"This is an original piece composed by Susan Mashiyama and performed on the harp. It was inspired by images of light and water. Hope you enjoy it! I think it's so enjoyable to look at beautiful pictures while listening to music. "Dawn at the Lakes" copyright 2012 Susan T. Mashiyama, http://www.susansharpsongs.com
A very talented friend took the nature photographs and kindly gave me permission to use them in this video and post it on YouTube. Photographs are by Katalin Rabl, copyright 2012, http://www.rabl-fineartphotography.com. Music was recorded by sound engineer Allen Antoine at Spliggityfidge studio in Emeryville, scmtandcsalsamoh@yahoo.com. "

Enjoy !